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24 Jun 2016 Paul Coffman One Wave Design

WOW! Mahalo to Paul from One Wave Design and to Tedra the wonder woman who is helping me set up this website. Aloha nō. Eō Hinakua! You guys are keeping me young. Love, love, love  you guys! Inā heleʻole ʻoe i kā Kekuhi lāua ʻo Kaumakaiwa ʻaha mele… HOKA!  Trying to hibernate and you guys get me going. ʻOno loa ka mea ʻai ma “Little Village” taro duck turning into a favorite and getting ready to hōʻaeae those pieces of white elite kapa for iwi. Mahalo iā kākou a pau. Summerʻs baby, Clover, is so beautiful, Puniʻs Makulu is makuluing… Haumea- creation-birth at every level, kua being born on Molokaʻi and Oʻahu. Eō e nā mana wāhine.


Weʻre working on it… Still building


E Lei I Ka Lei

He lei ʻaʻala
He lei hiwahiwa
He lei kinipua e
Kui ʻia, lī ʻia i ke aloha
Hoʻoulu ʻia e ka pule kau kiʻekiʻe i ka lani
Makalapua mai i ka ʻāina i hoʻolaʻa ʻia e nā kūpuna
Eia ka wehi o ka lāhui
He lei ola loa e.

Put on the lei
A fragrant scented lei
A cherished lei touching the heart
A lei made of endless blossoms
Strung together and laced in love
Infused with spirit thru pule placed on high
Blooming profusely in the landmade sacred by those before us
For here is the adornment of our people
An everlasting lei

haku ʻia na Aʻiai Bello i ka 9 o ʻApelila 2016 ma Waimānalo

February 2014

Aloha kākou, As time flies literally we are in another year spiraling and growing and can we keep up? Donʻt forget to take time for yourself. Allow all these energy changes to settle into your being. What a glorious time we live in . All in the perspective. Healing, healing, healing… as we take the initiative to heal the waters we also heal ourselves. Read more

Hōʻike Oli I Waialua

The sea had calmed to a beautiful murmur after the big surf last week, the birds were chirping and the sun warned the air that the night had cooled.
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Aloha Mai Kākou

Looking forward to finishing my website mahalo to Tedra and Paul at One Wave Design.

Iʻm so excited but still learning to maneuver through. Iʻll be sharing my art, my manaʻo,  actually have an updated calendar with events and class listings even a makeke page to share my creations (yay ! no more mass emails , if you want to come to a Womenʻs Circle check calendar, want to know when and where Papa Oli is check calendar, Papa ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi? check calendar). Read more

Ka Laʻakea- ceremony to call forth the light January 10, 2016

Ka Lamakū Laʻakea presents “Ka Laʻakea Calling Forth the Light 2016”  January 10, 2016 Dawn Sandy Beach  Gather 6 am Sunrise 7:11am  Prayers, Chants, pot luck breakfast (bring your own beverage) after sunrise followed by lecture/ talk story “Bringing Forth Inner Light” at 8 am. For details and more information about kapu, attire and ceremony. Email or call 808 2250087

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June 2013

Aloha nō kākou, “Lole ka lani” from the kumulipo what are the implications of this phrase the heavens-the energy is moving weather patterns are erratic and the earth moves and explodes and erupts. Creation and destruction, cleansing, new energy more light, a higher vibration. does it seem that some of your own have passed on prematurely? NO, it was their time and everything is falling into place. Read more

April 2013

Haumea, the feminine continuum wow. yesterday I went to fit some kiʻi with kapa to prepare them for blessing and dedication of a hale mua and a hale o Papa and was pleasantly surprised to have an audience with the Queen and some of her faithful supporters who have dedicated this lifetime to carrying on her legacy. Read more

Jan 2013

Life is truly a journey with a road map and a destination but many curves and forks along the way. My main focus and reason for leaving teaching high school is the spiritual work. I was guided to stop and after working in the system for twenty years I had to think twice but based on previous life experience, I knew it was time and I would be taken cared of, EVEN if I had no set income or medical insurance or retirement… My colleagues thought I was crazy but  I had been gradually led back to the spiritual work when my youngest graduated from high school. While living in Spain I had learned to trust God, trust the universe that when I was doing the Lordʻs work I would always be provided for so I made the decision and have not regretted it in the least. My life is exciting, Read more