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Then we pray, with more fervor and love than ever…

So the women gathered on a rainy evening, lit a sacred fire to hold the space and to bring clarity and huddled 20 in number in a small garage at Laʻakea Hale in the uplands of Wahiawā. We brought joy, gratitude, some worries, delicious food prepared with care and most of all love and light. Women from the four corners of the earth had gathered to care for our children, brothers and sisters, distant and close cousins, in a courtroom as well as a freezing open prairie to protect them and heal them and to keep them from harms way. We made new, friends, reconnected to old friends, welcomed new comers to the circle and did our work, We sang songs of healing and comfort, learned new songs  that healed and comforted, listened to poems delighted in a babyʻs laughter and shared food and fellowship. We created a bridge of light across the Pacific ocean and over the land to Standing rock North Dakota to bring light and healing and protection to those in peril. We ended with Puaʻs oli Malana Mai Kaʻū to reconnect us all to Mauna a Wākea, our sacred mountain. As we spoke of world peace, the women took leave into the rainy night to return to their spouses and families and daily life with all its ups and downs but… we had accomplished our goal and will gather again soon to continue the work. We are holy, we are complete, we are eternal. Mahalo

A mother cries for her children

So open the floodgates as we  women cry for our children in peril at Standing Rock. These are the warriors the courageous ones who arm themselves with truth and light against the guns and bullets. These are the children of Haumea the children of the land ʻnā kamaʻāina, and we are Haumea.  So let us pray as a mother would for her child with all our might and strength to keep them out of harms way  and for guidance and wisdom from the creator and from our ancestors who have come to stand with us. Let us pray for those who lash out in violence because of fear. Let us pray for peace in our own world and dealings with others that the love might find its way into the heart of those who continue in darkness. You cannot hide the truth which is light! You can try and try hiding from the press. And all that time we are seeing and watching. It is not just Hawaiʻi and Mauna Kea or standing Rock and the pipeline. We stand on sacred ground and in the process become holy “whole” Like Hawane says Make strong my people our people. Poliʻahu laid down her kapa and the totanka come like a blanket covering the prairie and they act as if they do not see the hōʻailona ? They donʻt want to see it and yet we know these are signs that whisper to us to stand strong and that everything will be alright. Life on this planet in physical form is limited. It always has been and yet the eternities exist. We need to pray pray harder than we ever have. Go into ceremony if you must, light your candles and your sage, light the fire within. E nā mana wahine, we are creators so let us create a peaceful energy that will flow and permeate all places on this earth and more importantly in the hearts of all people. We can do it, would we do any less for our beloved children. Mahalo, Mitakuye Oyasin

Part II 60 years of life, revealing light -Reflections, plans, gratitude

Here I am gonna try to add music. Hawane, you inspire and bring healing and comfort to me. Love you so much. My haumana have birthed their first printed kapa. hulō! Still adjusting PT works for your knee. now I just gotta strengthen and maintain. Welcome! welcome! Lydia Rose Kalaʻialoha Bernal to this world. Mahalo for all you taught me as I greeted you and mahalo to Lydi and Raul for inviting me to be on your birthing team. It was a privilege and pleasure. Reconnected with a friend yesterday good vibes and energy. Taking my moʻo to trunk or treat and have a womenʻs circle at my house on Sunday evening. Myriahʻs baby shower another immaculate light baby coming into this world. So exciting to see their energy. Some of my kapa students are younger and they bring me hope. There is a caliber of people with so many talents who clearly march to the beat of a different drummer. not all of them but when we get together it is timeless we speak same language, have similar understandings and goals. Lexi, Chris, Kaʻuiki and Kamaka, Mahalo for blessing me with your friendship. and Makanani, girl you are just… have no words my chanter, haku mele, kapa connection to Hokuleʻa memories of sailing on her with my students, or the evening sail I did with Nainoa off Waikiki and learned so much in 20 minutes. Hula for me! kino is engaged in other things like healing my knee. I have learned how much more there is to learn. still learning unconditional love hard from human standpoint so many times. Do we really detach from our emotions??? Things changing very quickly time to relax a little and do more art and ʻōlelo more, play music, down size, gift those material things I value to those who still have a long time in this physical world. Let go of sentimental things knowing I carry the memories engraved into my heart. I just canʻt get rid of my books ugh. Help, how do I do this? I know my hula things… and photograghs, what do we do with so many look at them do the snapshot in your mind and get rid of them? but now I have projects to complete a malo before end of year. Wauke just went into water to ferment. Gotta finish my feather bags-some can go into show .hopefully others will bring me some cash. Was just at Islands Hospice 3rd Annual Rememberance? (spelling) gathering. It was so special met a man with a enlarged soul full of light, reminded me of my Chinese grandfather. His name was Clarence Liu. I had such nice, deep soul level conversations with him. Life and death one in the same. A part of our journey through the human experience. Looking forward to Saturday and Halloween with Laʻa, hinalei and Pili , my moʻo then it is cupcakes for bridal shower. and wauke wauke wauke and kapa kapa kapa kapahulu. ciao!


Have we done this yet?

“And so , what are your daily spiritual practices?” I donʻt know how many times I said this this year, in womenʻs circles to individuals and to myself. Redefining ourselves and increasing our ability as wahine to create is very important. so that was the question of the year. My affirmation for  2016 was decolonize your mind. First we must be  aware and acknowledge that we have been colonized in every sense of the word. It is a long process but once it gets underway and we maintain it… We begin to understand the value and how it helps us to reveal truth and light. ʻO ia wale nō. He manaʻo.

Hōʻā ʻenaʻena piko mauliola…

Wow laulau my haumana kapa are the bomb! Lexi, Mahealani Camille and Kaʻuiki you guys rock! check out your creations and youʻre not even finished Mahealani. I an tell you are my haumana or is it because I recognize the kapala? Iʻm excited to see your next pieces when you you use your own kapala and dyes then your individual style will start to shine more love you guys! Iʻa was so ʻono Lexi. Us at Hinakua, good healthy ʻono food is important to keep up energy to work in the mala wauke.


Kapa for Kukaniloko Story

250px-Oahu-Kukaniloko-entrance&KolekolePass IMG_3941IMG_3943





This piece of kapa was grown in Waialua  on the island of Oʻahu, where Kapawa, the first chief born at Kūkaniloko was from. It was pounded by me and made at the request of Kalimapau Lenchanko of the friends of Kūkaniloko for her brother to use when he teaches in his site visitations. Our moʻolelo speak of the chiefs born into purple, here it is. It was dyed with the traditional ʻukiʻuki berries. When it was first dyed, it looked blue now it had turned poni the color associated with our aliʻi. Iʻm honored to have been able to make this little piece. Maybe one day I will make a bigger one.


Ka ʻOno o Ka ʻAina

Maui - 077








ʻO nā kalo o ka ʻono o ka ʻāina. He maoli nō. E malama i ka ʻāina a e malama mai ka ʻāina iā mākou. He kalo ʻoe, He iʻa ʻoe, He meaʻono ʻoe, He dragon fruit ʻoe, He lilikoʻi ʻoe, He hāʻukeʻuke ʻoe, He hoʻiʻo ʻoe, poke ʻoe, He ulu ʻoe, He koneko ʻoe, He ʻoio ʻoe, He ʻawa ʻoe. Hu ka ʻono. Laki nō mākou ma Hāwaiʻi nei.     Aloha kākou!    IMG_0231145160127327620161008_18434320160921_10554320161008_184358100_2284.JPG

60 Years of Revealing Light & Reflections

Wow! one hour and 10 minutes to reaching 60 years old. I stand in gratitude, first to my parents for allowing this physical incarnation the “wailua”. It is the coming together of the 2 waters the physical H2O and the cosmic waters of spirit and the universe. So here I am! and so blessed to have my sisters and brothers from around the world. You guys are not just my friends, it goes deeper and then of course my own children, Keliʻamakanaokalani and Kela and grandchildren Laʻa, Hinalei and Pili, and my children from past lives, Rosemary, Tom, Amelia whose love continues to sustain me through the trials and seemingly disconnects in this lifetime.  Composed a lei chant that speaks of the kinipua the numerous beautiful blossoms of my lei. So many of you bless my life and bring love and light (aloha) to my existence here.

Last night was at Kakaʻako Agora to facilitate a womenʻs circle on Healing through art and creativity. Mahalo Nicole, fabulous Medicine Wahine artist. It set the stage for today so that I can feel so supported and loved and aware of life a new born with us, my Clover, Iʻll just call her Ihi, a woman about to give birth whose energy and glow floated into the space, I couldnʻt keep my eyes off of her as I felt the timelessness of the genenrations of the feminine continuum, an honor to be in her presence. Then there was Chris my long time friend, and confident who is a busy lady and never makes it to cirlces right in our little town but she drives all the way to Kakaʻako, and Healani, who doesnʻt drive at night but made it there then back to Waimanalo. Who are these mana wahine? Healani honored me with her presence at my very first womenʻs circle 7 years ago, talk about going full circle… In retrospect, we were creating and blessing a space that will need to be maintained in the middle of town. I avoid town these days, have for years now. Kalihi is my place yup right on the edge, ka lihi . Go to Hoʻoulu ʻAina, my grandmother land…I was born at Kuakini hospital 60 years ago at 8:16 in the morning.

Itʻs been a long road and there is so much more. Weʻre or rather they are just stepping it up. So in March this year I go to Serpent Mound in Ohio, Mahalo Terri Rivera my sister who introduced me to the bear and am told this is the beginning of the next leg of your journey, it is a healing one and so  pull back from your many many activities. kini a lau, mano a lehu… I thought I was , didnt make the journey to sundance, said no to many things yet doing things I really wanted to do, well it was still too much so on Sept 1 to the ER cause I cannot stand on my left notice left not right for those who get it-and do the drugs… Me??? morphine, oxycodone crutches well one of those things with no logical medical, physical explanation. My goal was get off drugs, take care of my kidneys and kino and get back to walking… no nightshade, lower gluten drink apple cider vinegar and get better too fast and boom, back to square one so seeing specialist who tells me you did too much too fast. When is your body going to heal??? When is it going to heal? So Iʻm back to limited activity but able to crank out incredible kapa miniatures, bookmarks and pieces for November EXPO. mahalo e Kamaka.

Funny how people come into your life and then breeze out, or stay. There are those people you canʻt get enough of then the ones who you no longer want to be around. Energies that either clash or come together and get stronger. Always wonder about those that seem to come together but then doesnʻt stay together. Sometimes it feels like there was a need and once it was met they move on. Purpose, what is the purpose of these encounters… Jealousy, envy, hurt egos push people apart. Like the crabs trying to get out of the bucket. I donʻt need recognition for everything, kind of a behind the scenes kind of person but if I need to step out I will, itʻs the leadership thing and following my guides, not competition for recognition. However in the art world I love the acknowledgement. A childhood dream to be an artist, I now am and my work reflects my spiritual journey and I am told to share it. Everyone is searching for their niche but donʻt step on people to find yours. The universe is infinite and since time and space really donʻt exist there is a lot of it. an abundance and over abundance actually. Respect??

I have a bumper sticker that says respect culture because there are so many who take advantage of “aloha” and things Hawaiian. Create your own do not do the intellectual thievery thing. We are women,  we are creators, we are holy. We are global but give us the time and space to heal. Donʻt keep taking, give! give back to this land and people who have extended hospitality to all.

Anyway—back from the tangent want to express my unending gratitude to all of you in my life. 20ʻs was fun, travel, see the world, 30ʻs was raising kids-very fun and interesting and hula, 40ʻs raising teenagers and guides stepping in again to make sure I got through and head me in the right direction and hula , 50ʻs healing, instruction from spirit and back to art, no hula 🙁 . So what will the 60ʻs bring? In the journey of a woman we are now past our second Saturn return. The first one challenges us to go beyond the rings of Saturn, second one we begin our journey back to the center. So Iʻm preparing for next chapter,  decade of life. okay , wills trusts funeral plans, retirement what??? never retire from your life work” Ka Lamaku Laʻakea mission, to bring light to the world” has never been clearer, Mahalo Tamalyn and Al lagunero, and Louise Mita,  I love you since forever to forever for helping me come back into clarity since my journey at Serpent Mound where Grandmother Silver Star took such good care of me. Like Golden Light says, we all take a hit every now and then.” As we age , we grow in light.” I made a birthday card once for my principal Jim Gahler when I taught at Maryknoll for his birthday and thatʻs what it said.

So HINAKUA  assuring that Kapa will be perpetuated, I need to teach a couple more years but need to get back to more kapa. Want to do a one man art show, is that ego or what? yes and no,  itʻs an artistʻs dream, one of my dreams the others are being fulfilled always on a daily basis. My Moʻo are growing Laʻa is twelve, Pili is going to be 5 and ready to face the world a little guy with rockets in your pockets. Hinalei is wearing her glasses trying to follow in footsteps of older brother an exceptional student. Kela here with me on my birthday, how special is that since he lives in Arizona. Keliʻa busy selling cars and making money which she has always loved. If that makes you happy, hey! My website up,  want to work on it. For me there are certain times of day to do certain things. Iʻm not usually a night owl but like early morning for spiritual things yet lots of ceremony has to happen at night when vibes change because of less human activity. gotta go. to be contuined…

Hinakua hanauʻia i ʻApelila MH2016


He hui Hawaiʻi mākou-kūpuna a keiki, e hoʻonuiʻike, e hoʻoikaika mauliola i ka hoʻomau ʻana i Ka Hana Kapa
“We are Hawaiian practitioners; kupuna to keiki,who come together to perpetuate Ka Hana Kapa”