• Puʻukoholā Heiau

    Heiau-Kawaihae, Hawaiʻi Island
    Kapoukahi, a kahuna from Kauai, prophesied if Kamehameha constructed a heiau dedicated to the war god Ku at Pu'ukohola, the islands would be conquered and consolidation of under the rule of Kamehameha I. In 1791 the construction was completed. Today we continue to celebrate "Hoʻokuikahi-to stand as one". As descendants of Kamehameha we continue to hold ceremony every August in both Puʻukoholā and nearby Mailekini Heiau to honor the past, strengthen the present and prepare for the future. As Waʻa Lalani Kahuna of Puʻukoholā we chant, pray and hold ceremony and activities to unite the people of Hawaii on a spiritual level.
  • Kukaniloko

    ʻĀina Laʻa, Wahi Pana
    Kūkaniloko lies in the Wahiawā Plateau between Oʻahu's two mountain ranges: the Waiʻanaes to leeward, and the Koʻolaus to windward. Kukaniloko is a site significant for cultural and astronomical reasons. It was founded in the early 1100's and has genealogical records dating back to the 1050's. It was the birthplace of the Ali'i and a learning place for the privileged. Kapawa was the first chief born at Kukaniloko. It is said that chiefs born there had full potential to become aliʻi ʻaimoku with capabilities beyond your average chief. Today the site is 5-acres as lands have been stolen, lost and sold by unauthorized "owners". During the reign ofMāʻilikūkahi the site was larger, more like 36.000 acres spanning the distance between mountains for hundreds of acres including certain prcels on the other side of the Koolau. Now it has been reduced to a dirt road leading to a grove of eucalyptus and coconut trees. But beneath those trees the piko still exists. The secrets of the painless birth, the secrets of the navigators, and the secrets of generations of Hawaiian ancestors are once again being revealed to those select who can access the seemingly lost teachings. It is a site so sacred and yet the powers that be have not protected it. For those of us with a stake in Kukaniloko . We malama the best we can until the day where it once again reveals itʻs ancient knowledge and wisdom to the world. “e kūkaʻawe i nā kapu o Kūkaniloko no ka mea aloha nō hoʻi kākou ia lākou i nā kau a kau…” “to guard the kapu of Kūkaniloko because we love them for all time…”
  • Calling In The Light

    Ka Laʻakea Ceremony
    Toward the end of 2014 I was given instruction from my guides to hold a ceremony to call in the light on Jan 3rd 2015 which just so happened to be a Hoku moon. The big storm was also scheduled to hit that weekend. With such explicit instructions, I moved ahead and organized and 2 weeks ahead of time Momi and I took a drive and chanted and cleared area we had chosen. Got the chanters and dancers together, was in constant prayer. On the day before Amalā and I went to "clean bottles and whatever else we imagined weʻd fine after new yearʻs and lo and behold there was a spoon, a napkin and one receipt. As we combed the beach, the first drops started falling from the ominous grey sky so we took cover in our cars and left to get some sleep before our early morning wake up time at dark thirty. I had decided to stay with Healani in Waimānalo to make sure I was on time and to avoid the long drive from Wahiawā. The storm rages all night so at 3:30 am the next morning I found I was locked into Waimānalo by a huge tree that had fallen near the polo field and had closed the road. I didnʻt have enough time to go up through the pali and arrive on time so I flagged down the police and he explained there was a back road in Waimanalo, which I took and of course then I was then on time .It was a glorious morning and we chanted and called to the light for hours until the sun came up. We had a nice breakfast on the beach and most departed except for the die hard chanters. We stayed until noon chanting every hour on the hour. An interesting side comment , we learned after our ceremony that the United Nations had declared 2015 as the year of the light. The vibration has increased, humanity is making the leap and many of us work day in day out to heal, elevate our vibration and that of the world. We held ceremony last Jan and will do so again on Jan 7th 2017. Please contact me if you would like to be a part of this.
  • The Fire Within

    Maintaining our light
    On Saturday, a hoku moon we held another Womenʻs Circle and talked about the fire within. See quote from Theilard de Chardin on home page. So the elements of fire are...1) oxygen-air-our breathing this is also what connects us to spirit 2) fuel- wood, our kino -so we had fuel that just smoked out the neighbour who happens to be a fireman. We talked about how the things we put into our body and do to our body have a big influence on whether we create real fire or just smoke and 3) heat- passion. What makes gets us excited and gives purpose to our life? It takes 3 elements and when we are missing one, our flame goes out, wrong fuel it will smoulder and smoke, not enough passion small fire, too much passion burn everything including the grass around the fire pit. We are the fire tenders like Nalani and Nizhoni who tended out fire that night. After they left, someone threw in bark wood instead of fire wood and the neighbor came over because we were smoking them out. We each need to tend our own flame and enliven that flame through daily spiritual practices. A good fire creates light and heat . Light is the physical manifestation of truth and it is a higher vibration and heat is necessary for the fire to keep burning. The earth is being forged into new existence by our light so let your light shine! Aloha kākou,