Kini a lau & mano a lehu that much abundance


Kini a lau & mano a lehu that much abundance is worth commenting on. There is abundance and so much aloha and to aloha yourself is to aloha the divine ke akua within. How fortunate we are. Blessed in so many ways. E mau! Stand in the truth and light. For the last 10-11 months since my journey to Serpent Mound my life turned upside down or maybe it was me inside out side to side expanding and converging all at the same time and I hit bottom, landed on my knee. Now I begin to rise from the ashes like the phoenix. How many more times will this happen in my life?
Stronger now and I need even more faith and trust. I came here to bring light and so I must be the light and it -the process seems so hard but yet it is so easy. Please continue to envision me dancing hula. I signed up for this workshop donʻt know what I was doing but here we go. Mahalo e Molokaʻi nui a Hina. soon we will hear the kuku kapa beat echo on the island. Eō!

So many things happening so fast. Pua Caseʻs song Warrior Rising is so prophetic. Just love it!