2017 Blog????? What does Lonoikmakahiki mean to you? for me it is another cycle, another opportunity to learn and grow and yet a reminder of the abundance in the universe of all things. When I think of Lono I think of rain and lushness, abundance and fertility, hearing, announcing, fullness of things and of the gospel, Lono clouds, changing of seasons and kau, fall, my birthday , ulu, koholā, the malualua wind, ka poʻi ana o nā nalu, k ahuʻihuʻi o ke ahiahi a me ka lani malaʻelaʻe, ka nani o na ahikao. I think food-ʻe hoʻoulu i ka ʻai e Lono, e hoʻoulu i ka iʻa e Lono” .